Our Mission

We are dedicated to provide programs focused on restoring and preserving the highest quality of life available to every patient.

Who We Are

Sunrise Healthcare Management is led by a team of professionals who are totally focused on the development and management of medical-geriatric psychiatry programs.

Members of our management team have developed successful medical geriatric-psychiatry health programs over the years – and we can do the same for your hospital. In addition, the quality of our organization is proven by the fact that our clinical programs are endorsed by Medicare for compliance and patient outcomes. At Sunrise Healthcare, we offer you a team of highly skilled and experienced medical geriatric-psychiatry expertise that can make a big difference in your hospital’s bottom line, efficiency and ability to meet your community’s growing need for senior care.

What We Do

We have learned firsthand that hospital administrators face multiple demands on their time and energies. We can help you focus your energies on other areas of your hospital by taking responsibility for your medical-geriatric psychiatry program. Your hospital retains complete control without draining its cash flow, administrative time or having to deal with the frustration inherent with behavioral health programs.

In addition to managing your medical-geriatric psychiatry program, our company will:

  • Address under-served needs of a large and growing senior population within your local community.
  • Serve patients with dual medical and psychiatric needs.
  • Provide sustainable positive clinical outcomes.
  • Provide viable treatment alternatives for the medical community.

What We Believe

Sunrise Healthcare Management believes in always doing the right thing for the patients, our client hospitals, our staff, our referral sources, the payor, the community – and each other. As such, we uphold the following qualities and values.

Simplicity & Commitment

No hidden agendas. No false pretenses. We are committed to exceeding the expectations of patients, client hospitals and staff.

Capability & Excellence

Proven experience and expertise to ensure outstanding performance of the medical-geriatric psychiatric program. We strive for excellence in all we do. We anticipate and resolve issues before they become a crisis.

Responsibility & Credibility

Clinical program development and management, regulatory compliance, assistance with recruitment and retention of physicians and program staff, community relations, reimbursement optimization, host hospital relations and development of new revenue. We have a history of sustainable performance and deliverance of contractual responsibilities.

Accountability & Integrity

Consistent positive clinical outcomes, financial responsibility, optimal bed utilization and reimbursement optimization. We promise no more than we can reasonably deliver and deliver everything we promise.

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